TFG Led by TNI Commander and National Police Chief, Pangdam Explains the Situation and Readiness of the Pamwil Task Force AIS Summit

Denpasar-Pangdam IX/Udayana Major General TNI Harfendi, S.I.P., M.Sc., as Commander of the Regional Security Task Force (Dansatgas Pamwil) at the Archipelagic Island States (AIS) Forum 2023 Summit explained the situation and readiness of the Pamwil Task Force before the TNI Commander Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, S.E., M.M., and National Police Chief General Pol. Drs. Listyo Sigit Prabowo during the Tactical Floor Game (TFG), which was held at GOR Yudomo, Denpasar, Sunday (8/10/2023).

The TFG was held with the aim of developing tactics and strategies that will be implemented in implementing security for the AIS Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali, on October 11. The TFG is also used as a coordination vehicle in planning operations so that each subtask force knows its duties and responsibilities to make the AIS Summit activities a success and support the future.

The TFG activities began with a report from the Kaskogabwilhan II Asops to the TFG Leadership regarding plans for securing the 2023 AIS Forum Summit activities in general, followed by presentations and yudha exercises from each task force, including the VVIP Pam Task Force, National Police Task Force, Pamwil Task Force, Marine Task Force, Air Task Force, Passus Task Force, Intel Task Force, Airport/Port Task Force, Medical Task Force, Complex Task Force, Information Task Force, Cyber Task Force, Evacuation Task Force, and Panmar Task Force.

In his speech, the TNI Commander expressed his gratitude for the presence and readiness of all personnel from each task force to make the international standard event a success, which has been held repeatedly in Indonesia, especially in Bali Province.

"Even though we have often carried out security measures, we will still test the preparedness of all the task forces involved so that the plans that have been made are carried out according to their respective main tasks in the field. Therefore, today we will carry out TFG so that appropriate communication can be established with events in the field," stressed the Panglima TNI.

The Panglima TNI hopes that all task forces and staff will understand their respective functions and duties so that in their implementation there will be no miscommunication. Apart from that, with the synergy between the TNI-Polri and other related agencies, the TNI Commander is confident that this AIS Forum Summit can run safely and smoothly like previous international events.

Those present at the TFG activity included Pangkogabwilhan II, Kabaharkam Polri, Assistant Commanders of the TNI, Main Officials of Kogabwilhan II, Main Officials of Police Headquarters, Elements of Forkopimda Bali Province, as well as other guests. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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