Commemorating the Hari Juang TNI AD, Kodam IX/Udayana Renovation 10 RTLH Houses Owned by Warakawuri

Bangli – Army Chief of Staff (Kasad) General TNI DR. Dudung Abdurachman, S.E., M.M., by Video Conference (Vidcon) inaugurated and handed over the house keys from the Uninhabitable House Renovation Program (RTLH) assistance from the Kasad which was attended by the Kodam IX/Udayana Military Commander (Pangdam) General Major TNI Sonny Aprianto, SE, M.M., in Banjar Tegalalang Environment, Kawan Village, Bangli District and Regency, Bali Province, on Tuesday (13/12/2022).

Before formally inaugurating and symbolically handing over the keys to the house, the Kasad delivered his remarks by saying that he had received reports from Babinsa who carried out one of the TNI AD programs, namely 'Babinsa is entering the kitchen' in a very extraordinary way because these activities could directly touch the community.

"Thank you to all Babinsa, with all the limitations and all the actions taken have raised the good name of the TNI AD to help and be responsive in overcoming community difficulties directly with full responsibility," said Kasad.

Furthermore, the Kasad also said that he had received a report from the Regional Military Commander IX/Udayana regarding the condition of community houses in the Bali region, especially in Bangli Regency, which was very concerning because there were still people living in uninhabitable houses (RTLH).

"I instruct all of TNI AD soldiers to always know and be responsive to people's difficulties, and can be a solution wherever they are, the Babinsa Enters Kitchen and RTLH Home Renovation program, and it is hoped that this will bring the TNI AD closer to the community, especially in an effort to help people who are not capable," said Kasad.

Kasad also expressed his gratitude to the Pangdam IX/Udayana and his staff. "Even in commemoration of the TNI AD's Fighting Day, many things have been made for Warakawuri and I am sure that the RTLH that we have built is also complete with its contents," concluded Kasad.

While on this occasion, Pangdam IX/Udayana reported to the Kasad, that at today's event there were 4 houses which were inaugurated with 100 percent completed work, namely the RTLH which is in the Kodim 1603/Sikka, Kodim 1604/Kupang, Kodim 1615/Lotim and Kodim 1626/Bangli area.

"Assisted in renovating the RTLH Kasad house for the Kodam IX/Udayana area, especially in Kodim 1626/Bangli, it has been received smoothly, and now we are at the site for renovating the RTLH Kodim 1626/Bangli house," said the Pangdam.

Furthermore, the Pangdam also reported that in commemoration of the Hari Juang TNI AD, Kodam IX/Udayana was also carrying out renovations of 10 houses belonging to Warakawuri's RTLH, which are currently underway and are expected to be handed over to their owners on time.

Meanwhile, one of the owners of the house being renovated, Mr. Sang Made Susun, thought, “thank you, Mr. Kasad, who has provided house renovation assistance to us poor people, I hope that Mr. Kasad's assistance will be of benefit to us and our family,” he finished. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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